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With so many providers offering Web Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and the like, it can be hard to differentiate between the good, the bad and the ugly at times. Our Recommended Providers section has been designed to provide you with a more informed decision matrix by providing a curated list of providers that is based on services we have used either now or previously.

There are many stories about providers opening a business offering incredibly low priced products on extended contracts and then suddenly closing down only to reappear later under a different name offering the same product. In the news recently and as featured in this article from ZDNet there was about 20+ providers all closing down within 2 days of their announcement, with many speculating that they are all owned by the same person.

Our list of recommended providers is aimed at bridging the gap so you don’t end up with the bad or even the ugly but find the good providers. The list is based on our own personal experiences and features providers that offer highly reliable services which are competitively priced and backed with excellent support and infrastructure.

This list is not curated from providers that offer high affiliative income or other financial incentives but features providers we have used in a real production environment, which means we have hosted real websites with real visitors on them or run other critical software including integral backup systems.

This list is split in two sections featuring Web Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server providers.

Web Hosting

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VPS Servers

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Dedicated Servers

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Other Services

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Just Benchmarks does not respond to requests to be featured on our recommended providers list nor do we respond to requests to feature or promote any products/services from providers. Just Benchmarks does not receive any financial benefit from any provider featured in our recommended providers list or elsewhere on our website unless otherwise stated affiliate links.